Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My baby is 1..... Why do they have to grow up??

So I know that I sound like my Mom when I say this, but why does time have to go by so fast and why do these kids have to grow so fast. I hate it. I feel like I had her and then blinked and she is now 1. I just want to freeze time sometimes and not let these kids grow up. Anyways.... we didn't make a big deal of Milika's b-day. Just a small little family party at my Mom's.

She had her own cake to eat, which she ate half of and probably would of devoured the whole thing if I would of let her. :)

Happy Birthday Milika. We love you so much and are so thankful you are part of our family!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We started our holiday with Christmas Eve at Grandma's house. We had dinner and then the kids put on a talent show for us and we played games and gave the kids fun little toys for their stockings and then they went down to watch a movie while the adults had fun and played games.

Christmas morning after everything was opened. We were getting changed and ready to go to Grandma's house to open gifts there as well. (Hopefully Savani won't be mad at me for posting this pic of her).

The kids got spoiled by the Grandparents. They got a Wii and it has been a blast playing it. We have played it almost every night since getting it. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Lloyd took the kids sledding over the holidays. Thank goodness for him because I hate the cold and if he wasn't around they probably wouldn't be able to do anything fun like this.

New Years Eve we had some friends come over and they brought their Wii and Projector screen and so we had that going on one side of the room. Here's Drew and Siera singing on American Idol. That is such a fun game!

Then the boys in Joshua's room playing football on playstation.

And the other kids playing our Wii on our Tv on the other side of the room. We ate lots of junk food and stayed up till 3am playing games. Crazy!