Monday, October 11, 2010


So right now our family is completely submerged in football and we love every minute of it. This year Joshua is on the Pee Wee's A team and he has done awesome. So far he's had 7 touch downs and 2 interceptions and some great tackles. Everytime I watch his games I have so much pride!! I love wearing his number so everyone knows that that is my kid! Lloyd is coaching again this year and our team rocks! They have 6 wins 1 loss with 3 more games to go and then the playoffs. I love our team and all the parents on it. We have been lucky to have several of the same kids on our team as last year and so we all feel like family. Here are some pics that one of the Mom's has taken of the season so far.

My favorite pic so far! One of his interceptions.

Yay! Go Cyprus Pee Wee's!!