Monday, June 21, 2010

Our weekend getaway in Park City

This skinny guy a couple of months ago won us a trip to Park City to stay at the Marriott for being the Biggest Loser at his company. So a couple of weekends ago we left the kids which we haven't done is soooo long and had a fun little getaway.

We had sooo much fun. We went to two movies ate out at some really nice restaurants and even worked out at the hotel room. The Marriott hotel is so beautiful in Park City. We went to their fitness room both nights around midnight and worked out. We were the only ones in there and so it was great. We also went shopping at the outlets and the stores in Park City. It was beautiful weather up there around 70 degrees. We also ordered room service for breakfast one morning which was something neither one of us have ever done. It was perfect timing because we just celebrated our 13 year anniversary. I am so lucky to be married to the person I am. I adore him and I know that he adores me. No it's not all sweet and perfect all the time. Marriage is hard especially when you come from two different backgrounds and cultures like we do. But it is completely worth every ounce of work and time that we give it. I'm so thankful that I chose the person to marry that I did and that I get him forever! Love you so much babe!

Savani finishes kindergarten!!!

Well my little girl is growing up. She finished kindergarten and is moving on to first grade and she is so excited! She loves school and did so well in school. She is reading really well. Her teacher sent home weekly reports of her progress in school and only one time did she write a negative comment that said she was a bit noisy this week. That was so funny to us because she is always noisy at home, so I was so happy to hear that she behaved in school and loved it. They did a cute little program for the parents where they sang songs that they learned through out the year.

Grandpa was able to come to her program with us. With him being retired it has been great to have him be able to attend things with us.

With her teacher Mrs. Best. She was such a great teacher. We loved her and will miss her next year not being Savani's teacher.

Her and her friend Ashton.

Her two best friends Sarah and Kaelia.

Bring on first grade! She is ready!!