Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Birthday and Retirement Daddy

My Dad retired. He has been working for the government as an accountant for as long as I can remember. 30+ some odd years. He turned 65 on Feb 5th and finally retired. But first just want to back track a bit. The weekend before me and my sister Cindy flew to Las Vegas on Friday night and stayed with my sister Tara for the weekend. We had a great time. We went shopping and to lunch and dinner. Tara's husband was great about taking the kids and letting us have sisterly time together. Then on Sunday we all drove up with the 2 kids and Tara so that she could be here for the week to spend with all of us and especially for my Dad's retirement party and bday the end of the following week. I think my favorite part believe it or not was riding in the car, even though I was a tad squished in the back between Tara's boys. ha ha I loved just chatting and laughing and just enjoying each others company with my sisters. I love them both so much. None of us took pics of our weekend. We were too lazy, but now I wish we did. It was a great time that I cherish and look forward to many more of those type of trips. So this is a picture of all of us at my Dad's retirement luncheon with his work friends. We went to Little America and ate. The only person missing was my little brother Kenny who was unable to come. We missed him though and wished he was there. So from left to right it's Me, My Mom, Dad, sister Cindy and Tara, my bro Kelly and his wife Cherish. (BTW not loving this pic of me. I look pregnant. I think I need to throw away that sweater I'm wearing. I do want to lose 10 lbs though. Don't you just love pics of yourself sometimes. yuck!)

Us eating enjoying visiting with my Dad's coworkers a bit.

After we had finished eating his work did a little program for him. They gave him a few awards, including cash awards that will pay for his upcoming Hawaii trip, lucky guy. They also teased him by giving him some U of U stuff and doing a cheer. They know what a huge Y fan he is.

They made up for it by giving him a Y golf towel.

After his boss presented him with the awards and said a few words, they opened it up to anyone that wanted to say anything. He had quite a few people that stood up and said so many nice things about my Dad. There are a couple of young girls there and they said they will really miss his advice and his drawer of candy that he had stocked with licorice. What? How funny. It was fun to see this different side of him and how other people view him. He then made a little closing speech and I was super impressed because he spoke about every single coworker of his, said there name and what position they held and there was approximately 20+ people he introduced. My Dad is such a great guy. I am proud to call him my Dad. He would do anything for any of us, and has done many, many things for all of us. I am excited for him to be able to sit back and relax and enjoy golfing daily. He definitely has earned that and deserves that. So this was Wed, then on Friday we had planned as a family to go to the temple together and then to dinner to celebrate my Dad. It has been about 8 years since all of us siblings have been in the temple together. It was so great and a very special evening. Not all the spouses were able to come, but it was great to be there with my parents and brothers and sisters, what a great gift for my Dad. Then we reserved a room at Lonestar Steak house and then came back to my parents home to have cake and ice cream with the kids. We gave my Dad season tickets to Hale Theater. We wanted to give him a season golf pass, but my Mom had already given him that for Christmas. Anyways, families are so wonderful and I am so greatful for mine!!!