Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Girls Camp

Girls camp this year was so much fun and miserable all at the same time. We had ward camp this year and we went up to Alta in Big Cottonwood Canyon and camped clear up as far as you can in that canyon. The first day when we arrived it rained and rained and rained. We barely were able to set up our tents and then it would rain some more. It only got to about 70 degrees during the day and it would periodically rain all through out the days that we were there. It is so beautiful up there with all the trees and we saw a moose and baby moose that were walking right by our tent. The girls loved that. We did some hikes and crafts and played silly games. We froze at night because it really got cold up there but during the day when it wasn't raining it was really nice and cool. We couldn't get cell phone service and the girls all laughed at me because every time we went on a hike, I would bring my phone and hold it up in the air trying to get service. As much as I hate to admit it, it was nice to get away from the city and really appreciate the things in life that we have and believe me this camping trip did that. We really roughed it.

The girls hurrying to get their tents set up before another rainstorm started.

One of the nights we retired an old flag. It was a neat program that our YW President did for that.

Getting beautiful at camp.

Me with my good friend Tiff Tuttle the YW Pres.

Me and Tiff with some of the girls.

Me and Court. Love her!

We are on our hike up to Cecret Lake in the canyon. It was steep but such a beautiful hike and a beautiful day that day.

Hanging out at camp.

I love all these YW so much. We have such a great group of girls. After getting home and being able to shower and get warm, I realized what a great experience it was and how greatful I am to be part of these girls lives.

Manti Temple

After my reunion with my cousins which was in Fairview, UT we drove to Manti which is about 25 miles from Fairview. Me and Lloyd both love the Manti temple and really wanted to get married there, but it was too far for our family and friends to drive to. Our kids had never seen it so we took the opportunity to drive out there and take some pics. I love this temple it is so beautiful. Milika fell asleep in the car and so she was not very cooperative and made me hold her or be by her side for most of the pics. I mostly wanted pics of the kids, but I ended up being in most of them because of her. Oh well you cannot reason with a 2 yr old. I think the pictures all turned out great and it was a beautiful afternoon.