Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to my 10 yr old boy!!

For Joshua's birthday this year instead of having a birthday party with friends, he decided he wanted to go bowling and then to dinner and bring his friend Skyler with him. So on Saturday we took them bowling and we let Siera come too. She is always home stuck babysitting and so I asked my Mom to watch the younger 2 girls while we went out. Siera did really well on her report card as did Josh and Savani so we thought we could reward her too by bringing her along. We had so much fun bowling. I haven't been bowling in years, but it was a blast. Siera kicked the boys butts! She got 3 strikes and they didn't get any. lol She was very proud of herself. By the end of the 2nd game everyone was doing well and the boys ended up getting spares, so they were happy about that.

After bowling we went to Red Robin for dinner. I made sure to tell them it was Joshes birthday so they could sing to him and embarass him. They brought him a mud pie for it being his birthday which he loved.

On Sunday, this was his actual birthday, I woke up early and made him his favorite breakfast called Breakfast muffins. It is a muffin that you make from scratch and cook in the microwave and then dip in butter and a cinnamon and sugar mixture. My kids all love them and beg me to make them all the time. Then for dinner Joshua wanted chicken roll ups. We invited my parents over for dinner and we enjoyed having them over to celebrate his birthday with us. My Mom gave him a gift card to Game Stop and some clothes and my sister Cindy stopped by and gave him some money as well.

Also my Mom likes to take the grandkids out for their birthdays and do something special with them. So on Monday she took Josh and his cousin Noah who's birthday was in January out. They had so much fun bowling over the weekend and my parents hadn't been for years that they decided they wanted to go and Josh and Noah were very excited to go bowling again. They had a blast too. Josh got a strike and he was very happy about that. I think we all have the bowling bug now and are going to have to go again. Then they went to Ihop for dinner. They have such a wonderful Grandma and she is creating such great memories for them. I think his birthday was a success. Josh is such a great kid. I am so happy to be his Mom. He is polite and sweet and I adore him to pieces. I am proud of the young man he is becoming. Happy Birthday baby! We love you and are so happy you are part of our family!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Basketball season comes to an end

Basketball ended a couple of weeks ago. I was sad to see it come to an end. I love watching Joshua play. He started the season out a little rusty and it took him a few games to really start to get agressive and get into the groove of the game. The last few games he played he really did well. He played in a super league, which the games were played on Saturday and Wednesdays. He learned so much this year and really improved his game by the end of the season. He loves basketball and will spend hours outside by himself shooting baskets. He and his best friend Skyler were on the team together. It was a fun season. Joshua is #15.

Swimming for FHE

The kids have been buggin me to go swimming with them and so we decided to do it for FHE a few weeks ago. It was really nice, the pool was not crowded at all and we all had a good time. It was something fun and different to do together.

I put curlers in the girls hair for church. Milika hated them. I tried to put her to bed with them in and she freaked out and ripped them out of her hair. I guess we will have to wait until she is older to try again.