Monday, October 19, 2009

New family additions

About 2 years ago my brother Kelly and his wife Cherish decided they were going to adopt some children from Ethiopia. They currently have 4 kids of their own the oldest being 10 and youngest almost 3. My sister in law Cherish, her father has a home in Ethiopia and lives there as well as here in Logan, UT. So that is how they were able to hear about this family. They adopted 7 kids ranging from age 16 to 2, all siblings. Of course we all thought they were crazy and couldn't believe it. I still think they are nuts! But man what an unselfish brother and sister in law I have. They are such wonderful examples and people. We all fell in love with these kids as soon as we met them. They are the sweetest kids. They arrived with them 2 weeks ago and came to my Mom's so we could all meet them. This first picture is the 16 yr old and 15 yr old. Their names are Dibabe and Chaltu. They were corn rolling Siera's hair. They did it so fast, she loved them. I think she would of loved to just go home with my brother and them.

This is a picture of them with the 3rd oldest, Tayiba, I think she is 12 or 13. Siera really connected with her.

I got a picture of them all in their new van in their seats, all 11 of them. This little girl was adorable. Her name is Fatiya and is a sweetheart. I could of taken her right home with me.

Off they go. Good luck we all said and waived goodbye!!

All the kids were so sweet. Along with the 4 girls, they adopted 3 adorable boys, I wish I would of got some pics of them all playing in my Mom's backyard. They all ran up and gave us hugs. We couldn't help but adore them.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gotta love Football!!!

On Friday me and Siera were able to go to the BYU game. It was a blast! We had so much fun. We never get to go, Lloyd and Joshua always go, but it was finally our turn. We loved it and of course loved watching our favorite player #11 Manase Tonga who is rockin it this year! That stadium is so fun and loud and it's great to be with all the fans. We can't wait to go again.
We are sure enjoying Joshua's football season. He is on the Gremlins A team. We have such a good team this year. The coaches are Awesome and not just because Lloyd is one of them. ha ha All 5 coaches love all these kids and want them to succeed and push them to do their best at every game. I know all the kids have learned so much and have improved so much because of these guys. In our division we are 3-0 and are doing great. Yesterday we played Highland and beat them 35-0, Joshua had 3 touchdowns, one of the two point conversions and 2 quarterback sacks. His bestfriend is the quarterback and they have such great chemistry on the field. Everyone of Joshua's touchdowns have been a pass from Skyler and he is an awesome quarterback. We can't wait to see how far this team can go. It's been a blast! Joshua's #21.
Here are the girls with their friends entertaining themselves at the game.
Savani always hangs with the boys. She is such a flirt. I know I am in trouble with this girl!
Here are some of Joshua's plays from the game, again he's # 21.