Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cheer camp and Mini Spinnakers

Recently Savani and Milika both participated in the Cheer Camp and Mini Spinnakers for Cyprus HS. They performed at the half time show for the cheer camp for the basketball team. Savani did great and Milika was not really into the cheerleading thing. She was funny, while they were performing she walked off the court and was done with it. lol. She did much better with the mini spinnakers. She loves to dance and so it kept her attention much more. They performed at the Spinnaker Review that the dance team does at the end of their season. Both girls did great and it was fun to watch them.

sledding fun!

At the beginning of the year Lloyd took the kids sledding. They love to go and had been begging him for weeks to take them. I'm glad he is a fun Dad and enjoys doing things like that. I don't love the cold and so I opted to stay home with Milika. They had a good time. Here are some pics of them and of course Skyler who is basically one of the family as well.

Baptisms for the Dead

We went to Oquirrh Mountain Temple for Lolohea to have her first experience with baptisms for the dead. With our crazy schedules we ended up going at 630 in the morning and it was great because no one was there. Lloyd did our baptisms and I believe my Dad did our confirmations. It was so nice to see Hea and how happy she was. I hadn't done the baptisms for so long that it was a nice experience to do them again, especially with my daughter. I love this temple. It is my favorite now. Such a beautiful temple. So proud of Siera and the choices she has made thus far in her life and her desire to want to go to the temple and to do what's right. I hope it continues!!

Our future missionary!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to my 3 yr old Milika!!

Aaaah my baby turned 3 on Jan 4th. I can hardly believe it. She has been so much fun to watch grow and change. It seems like overnight she started talking up a storm. She is so smart and knows her colors and her shapes and counts to 15 and also counts to 10 in spanish, I have to give Dora credit for that. She is just so much fun and we all adore her and spoil the crap out of her. On her birthday Lloyd took the day off and we wanted to take her to lunch and to see Tangled. We went to Red Robin for lunch and she wasn't feeling very well. She layed on me and wouldn't eat anything and had a fever. So instead of going to the movie we took her home and let her sleep. Kind of a crappy day for her birthday. But a few days later we celebrated her bday at my Mom's with some cousins and family.

Happy Birthday Princess Milika! We all love and adore you!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

2010 end of football season

Well again I am trying to get updated on my blogging. I shouldn't of let it get this far behind. It's sad because football ended in Nov and we had our banquet the end of November and I am just getting to blogging about it now. Anyways, we had a great season this year. We were all sad to see it come to an end. We made it to the playoffs and beat East in triple overtime. It was a crazy game. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Our boys played their guts out and it was such an emotional game. It's so crazy how you can get so involved in the games. I can only imagine how it will be when he gets older. East came out ready to play and to take this win away from us. We played them in the regular season and it was an easy game to win. But this was a different team. They were ready and wanting the win. We were so proud of our kids for how they played as a team. That's what I LOVE about football and about our team is how unified they are. The friendships they have formed with each other are priceless. They are a brotherhood. That was their motto and saying throughout the season. Here are some great pics of our fight against East.

For the championship game we played Hunter, which we had beat in the regular season. It's always hard to beat a team twice though. We started out really rough and had some penalties and mistakes. That really got us off on the wrong foot. Our boys were really out of sync. I think knowing they were in the championship game really got in their heads and they were all super nervous. Not to mention it was a freezing cold day that day! We were all wrapped in blankets, with gloves and hats and winter coats and the wind was just awful and freezing. Hunter came out really strong and scored on us quickly and really dominated the game in the first half. It looked really bad for us. I was so sad for our boys. In the 2nd half, they came out a little stronger and then the 4th quarter they switched up the offense and really started to play. Unfortunately we ran out of time. Hunter ended up winning and it was a heartbreak loss for us! I was so proud of our boys though. They came out in the end and really played strong and played like the team we knew they could be in the end. This experience will definitely help them in the playoffs and hopefully championship game next year!

After our regular season we entered into what they call Border Warz. It was a blast! We played 3 games, 2 being at Cottonwood High School and one at Real Tinto Stadium. All 3 games were at night and the boys played under the lights. It was so much fun for all of us parents. We just kicked back and watched the kids. The tournament didn't mean anything. It was great we won 2 out of the 3 games and ended the season on a high note. But most of all it was just a lot of fun for the boys, it wasn't stressful, they just went out and had a blast. Rio Tinto was awesome. I really hope we do this same tournament next year, we all really enjoyed it. Here are some pics of the 3 games we played.

Our football banquet was great this year. We had the food catered from Francesco's Italian Restaurant and the boys had spaghetti and alfredo and breadsticks and cheese sticks and salad. Then we purchased a cake with their team picture on it for dessert. While we were eating we had video highlights of the season playing. We all really enjoyed watching it. After finishing eating each kid was called up by the coaches and given their trophies and the other items we were able to buy them. During the year we had a touch down bucket that we would pass around through the crowd to donate $ for the end of the year banquet. We had so many generous people and had a huge amount of $ to put together a really nice banquet for the boys. They each got a back pack with their number on it, and a beanie with their name embroidered and number. Also they received a plaque with their picture and their trophy and team pic and a autograph book with each of their pics that each of them signed for each other. It was great. This is Josh getting his stuff. Also each coach would talk about each kid and say all the great things about them. The kids loved it.

We honored these parents because at the beginning of the season they paid for all of us to have the games video taped which was a few thousand dollars to do that. It was so generous of them and we were all so greatful. The DVD's of each game are awesome and will be great for the kids to have as memories.

Our team! I love these kids and cannot wait till next season! 5 more months Yay!!