Friday, December 19, 2008

Thank goodness for Day Spas!!

For my Mom's b-day last May we gave her a gift card to Sego Lily Day Spa. We finally got around to going and my sister Cindy, and me went with my Mom. It was so much fun. We got there about an hour before our treatments and we changed into our robes and then went out and sat by the fire and just talked. It was such a nice break and great to relax and enjoy time away from kids and work. I highly recommend Sego Lily Day Spa, it was fabulous!! We missed you Tara, Cherish and Mel. Hopefully all of us can go together next time. Thanks honey for the early Christmas gift!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Siera Lolohea!

My daughter turned 10 yrs old yesterday. I can't believe how time flies by and that she is that old already. We have decided to do birthday parties with our kids with friends every other year, because it's too much work and too expensive to do it every year. So this was her off year. So me and Lloyd took her out to eat on Saturday to Iggy's which was so yummy! Then she wanted to go shopping for clothes for school. You know your child is growing up when they don't want toys anymore and just want clothes. We had a great day with her.

We had my parents over for dinner yesterday and to have cake and ice cream with us to celebrate.

One of her gifts was this art kit. She is my artist and loves drawing and she is great at it!

She also received an outfit from her Grandma that she wore to church.

My sister Cindy stopped by and also her aunties Lolohea and Anu. I hope she had a wonderful birthday. She is a great daughter and we are very proud of the young lady she is becoming. We love you Hea!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

What a great time we had last week. My husband took off all week and we had so much fun! First of all he watched the kids for me while me, my Mom and sisters went to see Twilight, finally. We all loved it! Then the kids were out of school on Wednesday and we took a little drive up through Park City. We did some shopping at the outlets and took some pics in front of Jordanelle. It was a beautiful day!

Then Thanksgiving day we took the kids to see Bolt. It was in 3-D. It was really fun and it had been a long time since I saw a movie in 3D. The kids loved it! Even Milika was good and fell asleep on my lap half way through the show. Thanksgiving was great. We went to my Mom's and everyone in my family was there this year, except for my nephew Noah. He was with his Dad and we really missed him.

After eating, we went out in our circle and played some football. We tried to work off everything we just ate. ha ha

It was a little chilly but the kids enjoyed running around.

On Friday night we got all the christmas stuff out and finally put it up after the kids had been bugging us all day long. Sometimes it's so hard to want to get everything out. It feels like so much work.

Finally it's done. yea!

Milika and Lloyd were wore out after decorating. Soo cute!

Finally we went to the mall to get Milika her first Christmas ornament. We have a tradition that we always get the first ornament at Things Remembered and have them engrave their first name with the year on it. So we got that done on Saturday and surprisingly there was no line to see him, so that was nice. It's interesting because my two older kids didn't want to go to Santa. Especially Joshua he said there was no way he was sitting on his lap. I guess maybe they are getting too old for Santa. Any of you that have older kids when did you tell them about Santa?? Just curious. I hope everyone else had a Happy Thanksgiving as well!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

6 Random Facts tag

The Rules
1. Link this post to the person who tagged you: Kristen
2. Post the rules on your blog (SEE!)
3. List 6 random things about yourself
4. Tag people at the end of your post

Okay this is a hard tag trying to think of 6 things. We may not make it to six, but we shall see.

1. I love reality shows. Lame I know. I love Biggest Looser, Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, used to watch Desperate Housewives of the OC but no longer have the Bravo channel-sad, sometimes even the lame VH1 and Mtv reality shows. I think I'm addicted.

2. I have had all my children c-section. When I was pregnant with Siera and we were down to the last few weeks, my doctor did a pelvic exam. He told me that we cannot let the baby get any bigger and that I needed to be induced. So the next week I was induced and they broke my water and I was able to dialate to a 10, but after pushing for 2 hrs and the dr trying forceps and everything they could to get her out, we ended up having to do an emergency c-section. Her heart rate started to go down and that was it, it was c-section time. So I was scared to death and so disappointed that after 10 hrs of labor I had to do this. But with my other 3 kids I didn't want to chance going through all of that again and so I opted for the c-section. It was nice to be able to plan the births and go in and have them born after 20 mins. (trying to think of the positive to c-sections)

3. I love sports. Especially football and this time of year. We are huge Y fans and never miss a game. We bought season tickets but had to sell them after realizing we would never be able to make it to the games with our crazy saturday sports schedule with the kids. But I love to watch college football and love basketball. Hopefully the Jazz do great this year. When I was a kid about 12 I met Karl Malone and he was so nice to me and so cute that I fell in love with him and the Jazz. (although not a big fan of him now) Honestly though I really enjoy sitting with my hubby and watching some good games. GO BYU!!!

4. I love peanut butter and chocolate together. Yummy! In candy bars, ice cream you name it. If it's sweet then I love it. I don't love peanut butter sandwiches, just the sweet stuff.

5. One of my favorite actors (if you can call him that) is The Rock Dwayne Johnson. I think he is so cute. He is 1/2 poly and you know how I like the brown boys. I just think he is hot! My kids and husband always tease me about it. No matter how lame his movie is, I really enjoy watching it. How could you not??? (okay I can't believe I just admitted that)

6. I'm kind of a freak when it comes to my house being clean. I can't stand to have an unorganized, dirty house. It just drives me up the wall. I sometimes feel so bad that all my kids are going to remember about me is that I was constantly telling them to clean up this or clean up that. I get it from my Mom, she was exactly the same way. Our house was never peaceful and you couldn't relax until it was clean.

Okay so now it's your turn. I tag Jessica, Cindy, Mel, Shannon (come on Shannon this is an easy one) and Heather/Randy

Monday, November 17, 2008

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

So for the past couple of months we have had this trip planned to Vegas to see Mama Mia. My sister Tara lives in Vegas and so my Mom and me and my sister in law Cherish flew down Saturday morning and came home Sunday night.

We are all huge ABBA fans except for probably my Mom. She likes their music but the three of us love it! We were so excited to see this broadway musical. Well we were pretty disappointed. We were all a little shocked at how dirty it was and how many sexual innuendos it had in it. The story line is really lame, which we all knew going into it, but again with our love for ABBA we were hoping for just a fun musical. The music was Fantastic! The performers all had beautiful voices. It was kind of fun because it wasn't sold out and so after the first act they let us move down close to the front. The best part was after the show had ended they came out and did 3 of our favorite ABBA songs and everyone stood up and danced and sang a long. So much fun!! But if I had to give that show a rating (which would be so nice to know the content in these shows), it would of been an R. Oh and I was so disappointed with the Vegas strip. You cannot believe how many billboards and signs that are promoting sex and pornography. As we were walking out of the hotel (Mandalay Bay), they had strippers outside of one of the clubs dancing trying to get people to come in their club. The sad thing is these girls were so young. It really made me think that I have an important job to do to make sure my 3 girls know the value of their self worth. Man there not kidding when they call this place sin city.

Anyways, we had such a great weekend shopping and eating out without any kids to worry about. Thanks to our great husbands who took over for us during the weekend. We stayed up late talking till I think 4am and then it was so nice to sleep in till 10am (yea when does that ever happen), we laughed and had such a great time.

We have decided that at least once a year we are going to do something fun like this to get away for the weekend with us sisters and my Mom to have a break and a fun bonding time.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Football is over.

Well we have survived our first year of football with many more years to come, I am sure. Actually the entire experience was Great! I would recommend it to anyone that is thinking of putting their child in football. The coaches were so great with these kids. There was such unity and friendship on the team. They won half of their games, which was pretty good. I know Joshua learned so much. He played so many different positions and was sad to see it come to an end. They had their banquet on Monday night. It was fun for them to all get together one last time. We went to Hires restaurant and they had all you can eat pizza and drinks. Then the coaches called up each kid and gave them their trophy(which Joshua was so excited to have his name engraved on it, all the other sports we have done so far are generic trophys). When they called up each kid the coaches each said something about them. I know it made all these boys feel very special. One of the coaches said in their opinion they thought Joshua was the most talented on the team because of how versatile he is, that he can play any position. He made the first touch down and tied with someone else for the most touch downs made during the season. They really built up these boys and made them feel like a million bucks! We were so lucky to be on such a great team with great kids! They asked my husband several times during the season to help out in coaching. He has been so extremely busy at work, that he was so sad to have to tell them no. But they have committed him to coaching next year. Football is his passion and I know he will be great, plus it will take pressure off me going to practices. Yea! One of Joshua's coaches also coaches competitive basketball and wanted Joshua on his team. So now we are gearing up for basketball. Oh and Joshua is #21 on the first row of the picture.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trick or treating with Semisi

We had such a great time on Friday. Lloyd's niece Lolohea and her husband Manase and their darling son Semisi (sorry all my white friends and family, I know those are hard names to pronounce) came up from Provo to spend the night with us.

It was so nice to go out and trick or treat in nice warm weather and not freeze and not worry about the kids being warm.

We have so much candy that I am secretly trying to throw a little out daily. The control freaks that me and Lloyd are, after trick or treating we make all our kids give us all the candy. We put it all in one big bowl or in this case several big bowls and then we let them eat a few pieces a day.

Semisi even scored with a huge bucket of candy. Hey on a side note. Just want to say that I hope everyone made it out to vote today. Just want to tell our family in California how proud we are of them. I'm sure many of you are aware of Proposition 8 that we are hoping to pass today. A month or so ago my ward was asking for volunteers to cold call people to ask them to please vote yes for Prop 8. I remember feeling very uneasy about it and thinking that would definitely take me out of my comfort zone. They ended up not needing our help with that. But our family in Cali has done so much. They have stood on corners holding signs, gone door to door, they have signs in there yard and on there cars. They have had vandalism because of it as well. They have been so strong, now I hope it will pass. We are so proud of you guys!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun Weekend!

Okay so for months I have been telling Siera that I would take her to the opening night of High School Musical 3. She has been counting down the days, believe me and she would not let me forget it was coming up. So we invited my Mom to go and we went to the 9:30pm show. We were lucky because no one was in the theatre. We had it almost to ourselves.

Well I do have to say I loved the movie. My Mom hadn't seen the other 2 yet, but she really liked it too. It was the best one out of the 3. Siera is in love with Zac Efron along with probably every other young girl in America. I do have to say though. He is adorable! The only real negative thing I can say is that I wish the girls in it dressed more modestly. They had some real short skirts and little bit of a couple of low cut shirts. But other than that. I thought it was great! Tara I know your dying to see it, so we will take you next time your here! (I'm sure your glad that I posted that you love those movies. ha ha)

Saturday night was our ward Halloween party. This year Siera asked my Mom if she would make her costume. She said I don't care what I am, I just want you to make me something. (I swear I didn't put her up to it). So my Mom is so awesome. She made both her and Savani's dresses for Halloween. She took them shopping to pick out there material. They are the same exact pattern, but with the material each of them chose, they turned out very different. Siera wanted to be Dracula's bride and Savani was a midieval princess. They adore there dresses and feel so special that there Grandma made it for them.

So then Joshua found a batman costume at the store and Milika wore a costume that all the kids have worn. I think they all looked pretty darn cute. I am just so excited that it looks like it is going to be warm on Friday for trick or treating. Yea!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tagged by Lia

Answer the questions with one word (or a little more) and then tag three people.
1. Where is your cellphone? hand or near me
2. Your significant other? Lloyd
3. Your hair? Brown w/ blonde highlights
4. Your mother? Linda
5. Your Father? David
6. Your favorite thing? movies
7. Your dream last night? can't remember
8. Your favorite drink? powerade zero or diet coke
9. Your dream goal? children grow up succesful in everyway
10. The room you’re in? computer room
11. Your hobby? reading
12. Your fear? Losing a child to death
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? same as now, maybe with more money?? :)
14. What you’re not? getting a lot of sleep
15. Muffins? not really
16. One of your wish list item? million dollars
17. Where you grew up? West Valley City
18. Last thing you did? baked choc chip cookies
19. What are you wearing? tan shorts, blue and white t-shirt
20. Favorite gadget? my new cell phone
21. Your pets? none
22. Your computer? dell
23.Your mood? tired
24. Missing someone? sister Tara in Vegas
25. Your Car? Chevy Suburban & Chevy Cobalt
26. Something you’re not wearing? shoes
27. Favorite store? Kohls
28. Like someone? sure
29. Favorite color? pink
30. When was the last time you laughed? this morning
31.When was the last time you cried? few days ago
I tag Mary Ann, Shannon & Katie Y

Monday, September 29, 2008


So for the last month this is the typical Saturday for the Amasio family. We get up around 7am or earlier. It just depends on where Joshua's football game is. All of his games start at 9am, but he has to be there at 8am. So if we have to go out of town, then we are up much earlier. So this week it was at our home field, which was nice. They played Bountiful. It was a great game. Joshua ran 40 yds for a touchdown, his 2nd touchdown of the year. We lost by 1 point. It was 13-12. Kind of a heartbreaker loss. They played so hard! Joshua has worked so hard. In the beginning when football practices started him and Lloyd would come home after and work on the plays and study the playbook. I am so proud of him. He plays tight end on offense and middle linebacker on defense and is also the punt returner on the kickoff returns. He does great and seems to love it!!

So usually the football games get over close to 10:30. Then we rush to get Savani and Joshua to their soccer games. Yes I did say Joshua. When we signed him up for both sports we didn't really know they would overlap this closely with each other. I know what your thinking. There was a talk I think last conference that spoke about not over scheduling your kids. I think I am a little guilty of that this time. So most of the time Joshua has been able to get to his soccer games at half time and play the 2nd half. He loves soccer as well. The league that we are in when you sign them up, it is for both seasons. So in Spring there will be no football to interfere with soccer for him. So he made it to his 2nd half of his soccer game and scored 7 goals for his team. They won 9-1. He is great at soccer. We had 2 boys that used to live next to us that are Hispanic and that's all them and Joshua would do all day long is play soccer. Joshua learned so many skills from them.

Savani and Joshua's games are during the same time. So me and Lloyd have to take turns watching them. It was sad because I ran over to see how Joshua's team was doing and left Siera to watch Savani for a minute. I ran back just in time to have Siera tell me that Savani scored a goal. Sooo funny! You never know what will happen with 4 yr olds that are playing. Most of the time Savani just flirts with the boys on the other team and doesn't care what's going on with the game. What can you expect with that age???

After Joshua and Savani's games we have about a half hour break before Siera's soccer game starts at 1pm. We hurried and ran to Wendy's and got some lunch before her game started. My sister Tara was in town and her and my Mom were kind enough to spend the day with us.

This is Siera's 2nd year playing soccer. We started her at about age 4 and then never put her in again until now. I wish we would of left her in. She is doing very well though. She is a great defender. I love soccer because it is such great exercise for the kids.

After Siera's game we usually get home just in time to start watching football on TV. This week BYU had a bye and so Lloyd took the kids home for us and my Mom, me and my sister Tara went and pampered ourselves with a pedicure. It was a fun day. We have been so lucky to have such nice weather throughout on these Saturdays. I am just hoping it last through October. Thanks Tara for hanging with us a little bit before you had to drive home back to Vegas. :) So is anyone else have crazy days like this? I guess it will just get busier as they get older. I love it though and wouldn't change anything. It's been so fun watching all of them!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Mom Quiz

I took this from my friend Kim's blog... I loved the idea of it. The thing with this mom quiz is that you do it with one of your children. I had Siera type in the answers and then I went back and commented on her answers.

1. What is something mom always says to you? I need a massage Siera . Yep that's true, Siera gives great massages.

2. What makes mom happy? When my room is clean . I do like the house clean.

3. What makes mom sad? When I fight with my siblings . It drives me crazy! So glad school is back in. Yea, now there is only limited time for fighting.

4. How does mom make you laugh? She says the wierdest things , she always makes me burst out with laughter . Not sure what weird things I say, I'll have to find this out as well.

5. What was mom like as a child? Dirty and stubburn . Ha Ha so I've been told.

6. How old is your mom? 36 What??? Only 34. I will make sure she knows this.

7. How tall is your mom? 5.3 Well I like to say I'm 5'4", but it may be closer to 5'3".

8. What is her favorite thing to do? Read or watch "Lost" and "Big Brother". That's right I do love to read and watch tv.

9. What does your mom do when you're not around? Take a nap or eat baked Lays and read a book . How funny about the baked lays part. I do love those chips though.

10. If your mom becomes famous, what will it be for? Writing a book for sure . Couldn't be further from the truth. I'm not a writer by any means, that is your department Siera.

11. What is your mom really good at? Blogging, reading ,cooking ,cleaning, and her job . Well thank you Siera. I think you are being way too kind though. I am not very good at cooking and rarely do it, but yes I do like to think I am good at cleaning and my job.

12. What is your mom not very good at? Chilling for a minute . Great reminder to just chill with the kids.

13. What does your mom do for her job? She works for jetblue . Yep

14. What is your mom's favorite food? Ice cream ,baked Lays ,and home made hamburgers . She nailed it.

15. What makes you proud of your mom? How well she takes care of everything and still has time to relax . I guess. I don't know that I do a very good job taking care of everything, but I try my best and I do know that I can relax once things are taken care of. But what makes me the most proud are my kids. Nothing could make me prouder. Good to know I need to show that waaaay more often to them.

16. If your mom were a cartoon character, who would she be? Cinderella cause shes always cleaning things . How sad, I guess I am a little OCD with cleaning, but hey I'll take Cinderella.

17. What do you and your mom do together? Go to movies, resturants ,and to get our nails done . I love hanging with you Siera, your so much fun!

18. How are you and your mom the same? We agree on almost everything , shes my best friend . Your a sweetheart! I hope you'll always feel this way. I'll keep copy of this and show you when your a teenager. :)

19. How are you and your mom different? Sometimes I'm clean , other times I'm not shes clean all the time . Again I am OCD with cleaning. I get it from my own mother. Thanks mom! :)

20. How do you know your mom loves you? Because I know she'd do anything for me , and I'd do anything for her . I am so glad you know that. I love you, it was fun doing this with you! You are my sweet, sweet girl!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Valley

So I watched this movie over the weekend called "Happy Valley". It is a documentary about the drug problem in Utah. Okay I wasn't sure what to think of this movie. It talks a lot about how teenagers are popping pain killers and using that to get high instead of the other ways. And because it is just a pill that is prescribed by a doctor they don't think there is anything wrong with it. It was really sad. It made me worry about my kids and wish for them not to get any older or become teenagers. Also the movie brought out a little bit about the pressures of being a member of the Lds church and how sometimes members try to hide their problems because we worry so much about what people think of us. I don't know. In a way I really thought it was a good movie, but on the other hand a lot of things bothered me about it. I do recommend it, especially for those of you that have teenagers. Have any of you seen it??? What did you think??? I'm dying to hear other opionions.

Friday, August 29, 2008

The "Keeping it Real" Tag

Okay so my sister Tara tagged me to do this fun one. The idea is to take pictures, according to the instructions, of how things are now. Not after you clean, put on make up or wash the dishes. It's how it is now. So I got this yesterday and took the pics yesterday and I have just had a free minute to blog about it. So remember this is keeping it real

My toilet in my kids bathroom. Thank goodness I cleaned on Wednesday, so it doesn't look too bad.

The kitchen sink. My kids are constantly eating cereal and it feels like there are always bowls in the sink to wash.

My closet. I would love to have it to myself and have Lloyd have his own, but that' s okay.

My favorite room in the house is probably my bedroom. I love my furniture and love to read and watch tv in there.

My laundry room. It's the catch all room since it is off the entry from the garage. Sometimes it's frustrating because I feel like it is never clean and organized. Oh well. :)

My fridge. It desperately needs a cleaning.

My child Milika at the time was the only one home. She is crawling and standing up to everything.

My favorite shoes. I love slippers (flip flops, but our family calls them slippers). I live in them all year long. Then the other pair are my favorite dress up shoes.

My husband had just gotten home from work and was getting ready to go to Joshua's football practice.

This is me! (obviously you know that) This is at the end of the day after work and trying to figure out something for dinner.

Okay so now it is your turn. I tag Cherish, Jill Ceser, Josselyn, Lia and Mary Ann. Remember to keep it real. :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tribute to Ms Robbins

So this weekend I found out some horrible news. My son's 2nd grade teacher last year had been stabbed to death. Her name was Molly Robbins. She was THE best teacher any one of my kids had ever had. She had nothing but praise for the kids in her class. She came to almost every one of Joshua's soccer games and she did the same for other kids in her class. She was very involved and loved these kids so much. She was 51 yrs old and the mother of 5. This is what the paper had to say about what happened.
A Magna woman was killed Friday afternoon by a man police say broke into her home and stabbed her.
The victim's 14-year-old daughter also was assaulted, police say, but fled the home as the attack began and called police from a neighbor's house at about 4:15 p.m.
The Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office received a second call five minutes later from a home about three blocks away. They arrested a man, who was an acquaintance of the victim, in connection with the killing.
Molly Robbins, a 51-year-old mother of five, was pronounced dead at the scene of the attack near 7300 West and 4000 South.
Neighbors said the man police arrested, 52-year-old Charles Gunkel, was at one time a boyfriend of the victim. Wendy Carmean said she had known Robbins for 20 years and had seen her and Gunkel holding hands together in church two weeks ago.
Salt Lake County Sheriff's Lt. Paul Jaroscak said Gunkel was booked Friday night on investigation of aggravated murder, aggravated burglary and aggravated assault. Jaroscak said the exact cause of Robbins' death would be determined by a medical examiner, but that she had suffered stab wounds. A knife was recovered in a front hedge at Robbins' home.
Another neighbor and long-time friend of Robbins, Joy Laisnez, shook her head in disbelief over the incident and said no one she knew had witnessed any indication that the relationship between Gunkel and Robbins could turn violent. Laisnez said her daughter was a friend of Robbins' daughter and had spent time around Gunkel and Robbins. After the incident Friday, Laisnez said she asked her daughter if she'd ever seen anything "inappropriate" happen while around the couple, and her daughter said "never."
"My daughter was in shock. 'How could he do that? ... How could he do that? ... He was the nicest guy,' was what she said to me," Laisnez said.
A neighbor of Gunkel's who asked not to be identified said he knew the suspect only in passing, but he couldn't believe what happened Friday night.
"This is a quiet, family-oriented neighborhood. ... It's just not the kind of thing you'd ever expect," he said.

She was a wonderful person and a wondeful teach and every time I think about this it just makes me sick. I wish she could of died another way instead of such a horrible death. She did teach at West Valley Elementary before Gearld Wright opened up, so some of you may of known her. Such a sad, sad story.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Football, footbal and more football

Okay this week has been the longest week and it is not even over yet. Last Saturday football started for Joshua. He had to go at 8am and they were there till noon. Then he has had practice, Mon, Tues and Wed from 6-9pm.. Because there are so many kids that play, the first week they practice every day for 2-3 hours and are basically trying out to see what team they will be on and what position they will play. In addition to the fee to play in the league, they need a mouth piece, cleats, practice jerseys, the list goes on people. They run drill after drill and play after play and the kids you think would come home worn out and not wanting to go back. But no, they love it! I guess kids really do love structure and discipline and believe me tackle football is all of that. I mean I was wondering if we were in the NFL here with how serious everyone is about it, including my husband. You wouldn't believe all the families in lawn chairs sitting watching the practices. I can't imagine the people that will be showing up to the games. So the teams have been decided and now it's time to move on to practicing with your team. I think I have a long road ahead. Wish us luck.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Lloyd!

Yesterday my cute husband turned 36. I just wanted to pay tribute to him. As you will be able to tell from the picture above and the picture below he has lost some weight. He has lost 55lbs so far. He still has 45 he wants to lose. I am SO proud of him.

Every night we try to walk 4-6 miles and he has given up a lot of food he used to eat. He will not touch hamburgers, fries, soda, candy bars. He is much more diligent than me, I still cannot give up my love for diet coke. Anyone out there that has tried to lose weight knows how difficult it can be. After having this last baby I have struggled to lose the weight. But it has sure been great doing this together with him and it definitely helps to have each others support. Love ya Babe!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sunday dinner in the Canyon

My kids have been dying to go camping this year. We haven't made it camping yet, but we did take them up Cottonwood Canyon and had Sunday dinner.

It was a lot of fun. It is so nice and cool up there. The kids loved roasting hot dogs and we walked along the trails and they loved throwing rocks in the river.

It did make me want to go camping, so we are going to have to fit that in before summer is over.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My baby is 6 mos old

We had my daughters 6 mo Dr's appt today. She now weighs 18lbs 10oz and she is in the 97% for her height. I just cannot believe that 6 mos has gone by already. I just wonder where the time went? We feel so blessed to have her in our lives. She is such a great baby. There is just a special spirit that a baby brings into a home. I wish time would slow down a bit so I could enjoy every minute with her. This is our last one and it's so fun to see her growing and changing, but on the other hand makes me sad as well because I know she is it and that every stage we go through is the last. It's bittersweet.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Who will she pick?

Okay. So I know that I am lame and I have no life. But I am addicted to watching this season of the Bachelorette. Last night DeAnna sent home Jeremy. Even though I didn't really like Jeremy that much from the beginning, I really felt bad for him. I could tell that he was really in love with her. I am a little confused of why she keeps choosing Jesse. I think he brings out her fun side and he is daring and likes to do lots of outdoor activities, which she really likes. Just to look at him, he's not the most attractive guy. I'm sure his personality and how fun he is makes him very attractive to her. My favorite guy though is Jason. I love him. From the first episode I wanted her to choose him. I think he's perfect because he already has a son and you know he is ready to settle down and have a family. When she went to his hometown date and they were at the park with his son, they looked like such a cute family. So next week is the finale and who will she choose??? What do you think??? Who out there is addicted like me???

Saturday, June 28, 2008

My little boy is growing up

So today we registered my son for football. It was quite an exciting day for him and my husband. I remember when he was a baby and my husband would put a football in his crib to sleep with at night. I am a little nervous. This is my little boy and anyone that has boys know that there is just a special bond between a mom and her son. I can't believe 8 yrs of his life has gone by. Wow. So hopefully this will be a good experience and he that he will not get hurt. Wish us luck. :)