Thursday, July 29, 2010

Newman Fam Reunion

Well we had our 1st official Newman Family Reunion a few weeks ago. My parents rented a house in Heber for us all to stay at. It was such a cute house with a great yard that the kids could play volleyball and some of them wanted to sleep outside in tents. We had a great few days up there together.

A few of us on Saturday decided to drive up to Park City and go on the Alpine Slide. I had never been on it before and was excited. It was really fun. They have a lot of really cool things up there to do including a roller coaster through the mountains and a zipline. I would love to go back and do those as well. It was super hot that day so all we could stand to do is the slide and plus there were super long lines for the other rides.

My sister Tara stayed home with these little bums while we went to Park City. They were watching Toy Story together. They both LOVE this movie!

The last day we were there was Sunday and we gathered around in the back yard for a few minutes and my Dad and brother provided some spiritual messages that we enjoyed.

We ended the day before going home going over to a local elementary school to play a game of soccer of course! These kids cannot get enough of soccer!

The kids enjoyed playing at the park while the bigger kids played soccer.

My favorite part of the whole time we were there was when we stayed up till 3am with all the adults including my parents and we laughed so hard until we cried talking about different memories growing up and how funny my parents were with us. It was such a great time. I love that my kids were able to spend time with their cousins and get to bond and have memories with them as well. On Sunday as we gathered in the back yard I looked around and couldn't help thinking how blessed our family is. I love them all so much and can't wait till next summer for the next reunion. Cindy you better plan a good one. :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Camping at Gma and Gpa's

On the 4th of July my kids and some of their cousins camped outside with my Grandparents for the night. They made smores and had a great time. This may be a tradition that they do annually. That's my kind of camping on nice green grass and showers with warm water nearby. Then the next morning we all met at my Mom's for breakfast. I love how great my parents are and the great memories that they are making with their grandkids. Got to give my sister in law Mel credit because it was her idea and it was a great idea!

4th of July parade

My girls were in the 4th of July Parade in our area for their dance group. They had a great time participating in it. They have never been in a parade before and it was really fun for them. Siera and the older girls walked the parade and did a little dance routine and the younger girls, Savani rode in the trailer. It was a nice day and not too hot at all thank goodness. Of course Milika had a blast collecting all the candy that they were throwing out.