Thursday, September 3, 2009

Goodbye PJ for now

Last Thursday morning my cousin was killed in a car accident. As I write this I am still in so much shock and disbelief. He was one of my very favorite family members. I adored him. He was such a kind and respectful person. Everytime I saw him he gave me a hug and was always so sweet. Our families were very close growing up. We spent all the holidays together and family reunions every summer. We all loved hanging out together. He's had a hard life over the years in struggling with diabetes. I am so greatful that in March I was able to go to the Bountiful temple to see him sealed to his beautiful daughter Zaida. I am so greatful for my beliefs and knowing families are forever. The funeral was very nice. My brother Kelly spoke and his brother Tim. Their talks were wonderful. His sister read an entry from his journal that he had written on Aug 13th. He said how much he was excited about starting school and pursuing his dream in law enforcement. He was able to attend one class before he died. He also said how he knew that this was a new start and beginning for him. Amazing! They gave some open time for family and friends to speak as well. His good friend Isaac performed a couple of beautiful songs. He will be missed dearly by so many!!

The casket and flowers were beautiful!

Me and my sister Cindy with my cousin Tim, PJ's brother. I love him. He is such a wonderful person!! I am so thankful to Tim and his wife for all the family parties they had that I was able to go to and see PJ. Also to my uncle Mark for the annual Memorial Day BBQ's. Those BBQ's will never be the same.

Our family all together at the burial.

His siblings and parents.

Some memorabilia of PJ's. He was a huge BYU fan and so you know him and Lloyd got along great. He always watched the BYU football games with his Dad.

The family gave all of these beautiful marble plaques to close family and friends. His brother Tim told me they want to make sure he is not forgotten. I was so touched by this and I love it, it is sitting on my piano where we can remember him always.

Some of my favorite pics of him in the last year or so.

I love this picture of him and his daughter Zaida.

Isn't he adorable?? It's interesting how death affects us. My uncle and aunt Pj's parents divorced about 10 years ago and it kind of divided our families a bit. It was so great to all come together during this time. After the funeral that night my cousin Tim invited all of us to his house that evening. It was such a great time to hang out together. Time is precious and you never know what may happen with your loved ones. Life is too short. We love you PJ and can't wait to see you again!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

1st day of Kindergarten

First day of kindergarten for my Savani. She has been so excited and is very ready to go. I am so excited for her. Her teacher is very nice and so far she is loving school. She goes in the afternoons and it has been nice to take her to school and then come home and put Milika down for a nap and then sometimes I even get a nap. Wahoo!

Savani with her good friend Kaelia.

After school, she had a great day.