Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun Weekend!

Okay so for months I have been telling Siera that I would take her to the opening night of High School Musical 3. She has been counting down the days, believe me and she would not let me forget it was coming up. So we invited my Mom to go and we went to the 9:30pm show. We were lucky because no one was in the theatre. We had it almost to ourselves.

Well I do have to say I loved the movie. My Mom hadn't seen the other 2 yet, but she really liked it too. It was the best one out of the 3. Siera is in love with Zac Efron along with probably every other young girl in America. I do have to say though. He is adorable! The only real negative thing I can say is that I wish the girls in it dressed more modestly. They had some real short skirts and little bit of a couple of low cut shirts. But other than that. I thought it was great! Tara I know your dying to see it, so we will take you next time your here! (I'm sure your glad that I posted that you love those movies. ha ha)

Saturday night was our ward Halloween party. This year Siera asked my Mom if she would make her costume. She said I don't care what I am, I just want you to make me something. (I swear I didn't put her up to it). So my Mom is so awesome. She made both her and Savani's dresses for Halloween. She took them shopping to pick out there material. They are the same exact pattern, but with the material each of them chose, they turned out very different. Siera wanted to be Dracula's bride and Savani was a midieval princess. They adore there dresses and feel so special that there Grandma made it for them.

So then Joshua found a batman costume at the store and Milika wore a costume that all the kids have worn. I think they all looked pretty darn cute. I am just so excited that it looks like it is going to be warm on Friday for trick or treating. Yea!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tagged by Lia

Answer the questions with one word (or a little more) and then tag three people.
1. Where is your cellphone? hand or near me
2. Your significant other? Lloyd
3. Your hair? Brown w/ blonde highlights
4. Your mother? Linda
5. Your Father? David
6. Your favorite thing? movies
7. Your dream last night? can't remember
8. Your favorite drink? powerade zero or diet coke
9. Your dream goal? children grow up succesful in everyway
10. The room you’re in? computer room
11. Your hobby? reading
12. Your fear? Losing a child to death
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? same as now, maybe with more money?? :)
14. What you’re not? getting a lot of sleep
15. Muffins? not really
16. One of your wish list item? million dollars
17. Where you grew up? West Valley City
18. Last thing you did? baked choc chip cookies
19. What are you wearing? tan shorts, blue and white t-shirt
20. Favorite gadget? my new cell phone
21. Your pets? none
22. Your computer? dell
23.Your mood? tired
24. Missing someone? sister Tara in Vegas
25. Your Car? Chevy Suburban & Chevy Cobalt
26. Something you’re not wearing? shoes
27. Favorite store? Kohls
28. Like someone? sure
29. Favorite color? pink
30. When was the last time you laughed? this morning
31.When was the last time you cried? few days ago
I tag Mary Ann, Shannon & Katie Y