Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Easter. We had a great Easter weekend. We went to our wards breakfast/easter egg hunt even though it was cold! Then headed to my brothers for the baptism of 3 of his children. They are waiting and praying for one of their oldest girls to decide that she is ready to be baptized and then they can all be sealed in the temple. Can't wait for that day. I love those kids! Then we had one big easter egg hunt with everyone at a park by my brothers house and it was freezing outside. Good ole Utah Weather! On Sunday our church is at 9am and so I made the kids wait till after church to find their baskets. As my kids are getting older, I am wanting them to realize more about things and that Easter is not all about candy and bunnies. I really tried to help and teach them about the true meaning and about Christ. I hope they got something out of it. Later that night we had dinner at my Mom's with everyone. It was a bit of a mad house, but nice to have everyone there.

Savani excited about her basket. She is great at getting her picture taken.

Can't remember what she was mad about. She probably wanted to eat her candy and not pose for pictures.

We went to our ward Easter egg hunt. It was cold, but fun for the girls.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Wow after this my blog has officially been updated to date! Yay! I am never getting behind again. We had a lot of fun with Junior Jazz this year. Joshua usually plays for a different league, but a lot of his football buddies were playing on this team and it was competitive Jr Jazz, so we gave it a shot. Plus one of his football coaches was the coach, so it worked out really well. It was nice to have games close to home too. Josh really improved his game and had a blast playing. There team did really well. We were the only 5th grade team with all other 6th grade teams and so we held our own against them. I love basketball. It's low key and a nice break. Now we are on to baseball with Joshua. We have never done baseball before and so it will be interesting to see how that goes. Looking forward to supporting Josh in any sport or activity he does.

BYU baby!

Anyone that knows our family knows we are HUGE BYU fans. And we have brainwashed our kids to be huge fans as well. ha ha! So last Friday BYU had an alumni football practice that Siera, Josh and Lloyd went to. They had a good time. Lloyd said the football team looked really good and so now they are super excited for football to start. They also got to meet some of the alumni players including Harvey Unga. Can't wait for football! Wahoo!!

Mid Summer Nights Dream

Siera's 6th grade class put together the play Mid Summer Nights Dream. She played the role of Hermia. Her class did such an amazing job. I think it is difficult to understand Shakespeare and to read Shakespeare. But her class memorized their lines and really did an amazing job. They had worked on this for months. Siera really enjoyed being a part of this. We had several teachers tell us how great she was and how she really got into the character of the play. In fact one of our teachers at her school told me that she has studied drama all her life and lived in NYC and studied drama there. She said that the "it" factor that they talk about with Stars that my daughter has that. So after talking to Lloyd we have decided to move to California and pursue her acting career. ha ha ha!! No Seriously though, we were extremely proud of Siera and all the compliments that she was given. I can totally see her in junior high and high school being a part of the plays and musicals and really enjoying that. I am so impressed with her that she doesn't get nervous and is not afraid to be on stage. I am completely opposite of that. She amazes me!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Arrow of Light

Joshua earned his Arrow of Light just in the nick of time. This pack meeting was on Tuesday and his birthday was the day before on Monday. I honestly don't know how you Mom's that have more than one son do it. Scouting is so confusing to me. I don't understand the badges or what exactly they needed to earn everything. He had excellent scout leaders and that is the way he earned this. I am so greatful to those great leaders of his. He plays so many sports and has practices and games and they always worked around his schedule to hold scouts and make sure he earned what he was supposed to. I guess now I can relax a bit and in a few years we will think about working on his Eagle.

Jazz game with Siera

About once a year we get Jazz tickets from Lloyds law firm. They are great seats in the lower bowl around the 15th row. Siera had never been to a game before so it was our turn to go. Also we had given my parents Jazz tickets for Christmas and it happened to be the same game we were going to. So that was fun to have them there too. They were just a few rows away from us. Siera loved the game. They filmed her dancing on the jumbotron 3 times and she was loving that. The Jazz played the Pistons and it was a close game right up until the end. The Jazz shockingly pulled off a win! Yay! We had a fun night.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Joshua's bday and Vegas trip

Joshua and his 2 friends Skyler and Kael and Kaels little brother went to Vegas with their Dad's for the Mountain West basketball tournament. They had the time of their lives. I was thinking about it and I'm like what 11 year old kid gets to do stuff like that. I told Josh he is a lucky kid. He idolizes Jimmer from BYU and was so excited to get to see him play a few times. It was such a great trip for all of them. They left on Wed night and came home on Sunday. They had a blast!

At the basketball games.

Lot's and lots of swimming!!

Lot's of eating out at buffets. They were in heaven!

At the Bellagio. Lloyd said the foutains there and show are amazing.

Them in front of the Pawn Stars Shop. Apparently it is a famous TV Show that my kids watch with Lloyd. I've never seen it or heard of it. They were excited to check it out.

They had a super nice hotel with a big jetted tub and so all the boys got in and Lloyd had to take some pics of them. They were embarrased. Hilarious! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

We didn't do a birthday party for Joshua since he went to Vegas and that was basically his birthday. On his birthday he had baseball practice and so I let him invite his friends from baseball over after practice for cake and ice cream. Some of my family came over as well. It was a fun night.

Skyler, Josh & Kael

Bryce, Noah & Cody

Opening some presents. He got a ton of cash.

Grandma & Grandpa Newman

Ken, Mel, Abi & Jax

Cindy & Noah

I feel so blessed to have Josh as my son. He is such a great kid. I have so many people tell me what a nice kid he is and how respectful he is. I couldn't ask for anything more. Happy Birthday Joshua Solomone! Love you tons!!