Friday, December 19, 2008

Thank goodness for Day Spas!!

For my Mom's b-day last May we gave her a gift card to Sego Lily Day Spa. We finally got around to going and my sister Cindy, and me went with my Mom. It was so much fun. We got there about an hour before our treatments and we changed into our robes and then went out and sat by the fire and just talked. It was such a nice break and great to relax and enjoy time away from kids and work. I highly recommend Sego Lily Day Spa, it was fabulous!! We missed you Tara, Cherish and Mel. Hopefully all of us can go together next time. Thanks honey for the early Christmas gift!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Siera Lolohea!

My daughter turned 10 yrs old yesterday. I can't believe how time flies by and that she is that old already. We have decided to do birthday parties with our kids with friends every other year, because it's too much work and too expensive to do it every year. So this was her off year. So me and Lloyd took her out to eat on Saturday to Iggy's which was so yummy! Then she wanted to go shopping for clothes for school. You know your child is growing up when they don't want toys anymore and just want clothes. We had a great day with her.

We had my parents over for dinner yesterday and to have cake and ice cream with us to celebrate.

One of her gifts was this art kit. She is my artist and loves drawing and she is great at it!

She also received an outfit from her Grandma that she wore to church.

My sister Cindy stopped by and also her aunties Lolohea and Anu. I hope she had a wonderful birthday. She is a great daughter and we are very proud of the young lady she is becoming. We love you Hea!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

What a great time we had last week. My husband took off all week and we had so much fun! First of all he watched the kids for me while me, my Mom and sisters went to see Twilight, finally. We all loved it! Then the kids were out of school on Wednesday and we took a little drive up through Park City. We did some shopping at the outlets and took some pics in front of Jordanelle. It was a beautiful day!

Then Thanksgiving day we took the kids to see Bolt. It was in 3-D. It was really fun and it had been a long time since I saw a movie in 3D. The kids loved it! Even Milika was good and fell asleep on my lap half way through the show. Thanksgiving was great. We went to my Mom's and everyone in my family was there this year, except for my nephew Noah. He was with his Dad and we really missed him.

After eating, we went out in our circle and played some football. We tried to work off everything we just ate. ha ha

It was a little chilly but the kids enjoyed running around.

On Friday night we got all the christmas stuff out and finally put it up after the kids had been bugging us all day long. Sometimes it's so hard to want to get everything out. It feels like so much work.

Finally it's done. yea!

Milika and Lloyd were wore out after decorating. Soo cute!

Finally we went to the mall to get Milika her first Christmas ornament. We have a tradition that we always get the first ornament at Things Remembered and have them engrave their first name with the year on it. So we got that done on Saturday and surprisingly there was no line to see him, so that was nice. It's interesting because my two older kids didn't want to go to Santa. Especially Joshua he said there was no way he was sitting on his lap. I guess maybe they are getting too old for Santa. Any of you that have older kids when did you tell them about Santa?? Just curious. I hope everyone else had a Happy Thanksgiving as well!!