Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Arrow of Light

Joshua earned his Arrow of Light just in the nick of time. This pack meeting was on Tuesday and his birthday was the day before on Monday. I honestly don't know how you Mom's that have more than one son do it. Scouting is so confusing to me. I don't understand the badges or what exactly they needed to earn everything. He had excellent scout leaders and that is the way he earned this. I am so greatful to those great leaders of his. He plays so many sports and has practices and games and they always worked around his schedule to hold scouts and make sure he earned what he was supposed to. I guess now I can relax a bit and in a few years we will think about working on his Eagle.

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Cindy said...

That's so awesome. Noah didn't even get his. I didn't even realize what it was until he was out of cubs. Oh well. I totally agree that scouts is confusing. Way to go Josh!