Monday, April 4, 2011

Joshua's bday and Vegas trip

Joshua and his 2 friends Skyler and Kael and Kaels little brother went to Vegas with their Dad's for the Mountain West basketball tournament. They had the time of their lives. I was thinking about it and I'm like what 11 year old kid gets to do stuff like that. I told Josh he is a lucky kid. He idolizes Jimmer from BYU and was so excited to get to see him play a few times. It was such a great trip for all of them. They left on Wed night and came home on Sunday. They had a blast!

At the basketball games.

Lot's and lots of swimming!!

Lot's of eating out at buffets. They were in heaven!

At the Bellagio. Lloyd said the foutains there and show are amazing.

Them in front of the Pawn Stars Shop. Apparently it is a famous TV Show that my kids watch with Lloyd. I've never seen it or heard of it. They were excited to check it out.

They had a super nice hotel with a big jetted tub and so all the boys got in and Lloyd had to take some pics of them. They were embarrased. Hilarious! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

We didn't do a birthday party for Joshua since he went to Vegas and that was basically his birthday. On his birthday he had baseball practice and so I let him invite his friends from baseball over after practice for cake and ice cream. Some of my family came over as well. It was a fun night.

Skyler, Josh & Kael

Bryce, Noah & Cody

Opening some presents. He got a ton of cash.

Grandma & Grandpa Newman

Ken, Mel, Abi & Jax

Cindy & Noah

I feel so blessed to have Josh as my son. He is such a great kid. I have so many people tell me what a nice kid he is and how respectful he is. I couldn't ask for anything more. Happy Birthday Joshua Solomone! Love you tons!!


Kim said...

looks like tons of fun!

Lia said...

I love that last picture. Sibbs, love it.
Happy Birthday to Josh, they're growing so quickly. What a cute kid!!

Tara said...

I'm loving reading all these! Looks like they had a good time in my city. :) Ral totally watches that Pawn Stars show too. The shop is pretty close to his work and he says there are always a ton of people outside. Anyway glad they had fun! Josh IS such a GREAT kid. I love him! Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!!!

Cindy said...

Looks like they had a great time. Noah was so jealous. He would have loved it. I've never heard of that pawn show either. lol. Josh is awesome! Love him to pieces.