Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mid Summer Nights Dream

Siera's 6th grade class put together the play Mid Summer Nights Dream. She played the role of Hermia. Her class did such an amazing job. I think it is difficult to understand Shakespeare and to read Shakespeare. But her class memorized their lines and really did an amazing job. They had worked on this for months. Siera really enjoyed being a part of this. We had several teachers tell us how great she was and how she really got into the character of the play. In fact one of our teachers at her school told me that she has studied drama all her life and lived in NYC and studied drama there. She said that the "it" factor that they talk about with Stars that my daughter has that. So after talking to Lloyd we have decided to move to California and pursue her acting career. ha ha ha!! No Seriously though, we were extremely proud of Siera and all the compliments that she was given. I can totally see her in junior high and high school being a part of the plays and musicals and really enjoying that. I am so impressed with her that she doesn't get nervous and is not afraid to be on stage. I am completely opposite of that. She amazes me!


Lia said...

Holy cow!!! She looks like she's soooo much older! She's beautiful! I'm glad she loves the acting and does well. She'll have many good memories created there.

Cindy said...

That's so awesome. She definitely has a natural knack for performing. I wasn't like that either. Good for her! I could totally see her in the school plays. Wish I would have been able to go watch her. She look so cute in the costume.

Tara said...

Go Siera! gosh I hope to actually witness one of her performances someday. That girl has some serious talent!